GPO Solutions from PRIME Services

What is the biggest pain point you need to solve right now? If you are like the majority of senior living communities it is probably employee related. Staffing, scheduling, training, and retention have been, and continue to be problems that impact our operations. How do we solve these problems? Another large area of pain is […]
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5 Ways to Improve Your Census Post COVID

It has been overwhelming for many senior living operators throughout the COVID pandemic to simply manage the day to day of operations. So much effort and focus has been rightfully so, focused on resident health and safety. According to Keiser Health News, there has been a reluctance of seniors eligible for senior housing to inquire […]
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Healthcare GPO FAQ’s

What is a healthcare GPO? It is a member-based organization that utilizes the buying power of their membership to negotiate with manufacturers to provide better pricing and rebates. The manufacturer rebates depend on the volume a GPO brings to that manufacturer. How do I know if I currently belong to a healthcare GPO? Many members […]
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