Does Your Facility Speak to Who You Are?

What first impressions is your senior living community giving? A first impression is everything and you only have one chance at it. When residents start their search for a senior living community, they are interested in more than just the cost. They also consider things like landscaping, safety, cleanliness, smells, and air quality. They want […]
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Holiday Greetings!

Being Thankful Begets Happiness… It is the holiday season and we here at PRIME Services are grateful to all our members who deliver exceptional care to the seniors in our lives. Taking care of seniors is a calling for many. The hearts of caregivers can only be measured in the thankfulness others see in their […]
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Helping Residents with Dysphagia

The goal of PRIME Services is to help our members better serve their senior communities. There is nothing more satisfying than being able to bring products and services to you that can help seniors have a better experience through items and recipes that not only focus on safety, but also bring great flavor to the […]
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What is a ‘Cost Analysis’?

As a healthcare provider, one of the biggest areas of your budget is in food purchases for your residents. Depending on the type of home; nursing, assisted living, senior living, continuing care retirement communities (CCRC), memory care, or a multi-faceted community, the availability, quality, and quantity of your food program is important. As a healthcare […]
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To RFP or Not To RFP?

In the purchasing world, the acronym RFP is as common as MVP is to the sports community. The acronym RFP stands for Request For Proposal. Most of you reading this would have been able to guess that, but why is it that so many healthcare organizations don’t utilize this practice for their operations? The process […]
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A Perspective on CEUs

What is the value of Continual Learning? Are you a continual learner? How do we stay relevant in a world that seems to change so quickly? There is evidence that keeping our minds “exercised” like the way we keep our bodies physically fit, has positive advantages to maintain our long-term brain health. One way to […]
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