Solutions for Reducing Costs and Increasing Efficiency

PRIME Services is a supply cost management company focused on removing costs from the supply chain while improving operational efficiency and increasing cash flow.

The cornerstone of PRIME Services, Inc. is a Group Purchasing Program that assists members such as nursing homes, assisted living communities, country clubs, correctional facilities, schools, hospitals, hotels/motels and more to save money on the supplies they purchase under national and regional supplier agreements.


Through our group purchasing program, products are available from suppliers that PRIME Services has agreements with. These suppliers offer discounts on the products that they provide, because of the volume of business PRIME Services represents. PRIME Services works with national as well as regional suppliers that service the continuum of the health care industry.


PRIME Services has several divisions, all focused on removing costs from the supply chain while increasing operational efficiency. These divisions include Group Purchasing, Dietech, Technology, and the Consulting Division.

Software and Computers

PRIME Services has software programs available for Dietary Management and purchasing software which includes a complete financial overview of your spending. PRIME‚Äôs Customer Service Representatives are available to answer all of your healthcare, consulting and software related needs. 

We are committed to delivering quality service, especially when you need support. 
With industry leading "On Demand Software Support," we keep your operation running smoothly 24/7.

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