Gain Visibility into Your Purchasing with PRIME Services

As a Foodservice Director your number one priority is cost control. You want visibility into your purchasing practices, products, and rebates, and are always looking for ways to put money back into your bottom line.

Transparency into the different areas of your operation is key to know what is costing you money and what is putting more profits into your pockets.

But with the naked eye, you can’t possibly know every line item, every purchase and every contract detail that your operation actively has going at all times.

purchasing visibility

As a member of PRIME Services, you get access to industry leading and advanced purchasing technology that provides your facility with the resources and visibility you need to purchase with confidence.

Data Management

Every purchasing your business makes generated a plethora of data. That data can tell you things such as how much of something you purchased, where you purchased it, the cost of what was purchased and so on … This data is usually unorganized, and coming from multiple different resources such as manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors.

But the real question is – are you doing anything with this data? Are you auditing the data to see what is making you money and what purchases are potentially costing you revenue?

As a member of PRIME Services, we clean and organize your purchasing data so you can see a clearer picture into your purchasing habits and make smarter, more effective business decisions. Achieve maximum savings and gain a better understanding of your business purchases with PRIME Services best-in-class data management technology.

data management

Food Cost Management

Do you know your food costs? If the answer is no, then you are running your business on inaccurate forecasting and could potentially be losing money. Food cost management is so important when trying to keep operational costs low.

Using the right food cost management technology can help you streamline processes such as:

  • Recipe Costing
  • Inventory Management
  • Invoice Management
  • Food and Labor Forecasting
  • Manufacturer Rebate Management

By embracing PRIME Services food cost management technology, you can quickly track plate costs, identify ingredient driving your food costs up, calculate cost of goods sold, view ingredient usage trends, receive weekly food costs percentages, and monitor price trends and market alerts.

food cost management

Partner with PRIME Services

We know how important it is for you to have visibility into whether you’re paying the right prices on all your contracts, receiving accurate invoices, and getting the best pricing on all your purchases.

smarter business decisions

Contact us to and speak with our purchasing experts and learn how you could be utilizing technology to see the bigger picture of your operational spending. Gain a better understanding of what you are paying for the products you are purchasing be becoming a PRIME Services member today!

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