The Cost of NOT Knowing

When you buy any product, it comes with a price tag. You know what you’re paying, but do you know what it costs? We don’t tend to look at the real cost of products or services. We take it on face value that what we pay is the only cost, but in fact, it could be more expensive than we think.

Here is a simple (made up) example of an everyday purchase that explains the concept of price vs cost.

Everyone buys laundry detergent, right? You can buy the gallon for $14 or the no name brand for $8.99. For the purposes of this example, it is often the case the higher priced item can often be less costly than the cheaper item. If the more expensive detergent does 150 loads, and the less expensive brand does 100 loads, what is the true cost?

This is the cost of not knowing or not analyzing all the components of the entire purchase.

How many of these types of purchases do we make in our business every day? The typical senior living community makes hundreds of thousands of dollars in purchases every year. Is there an opportunity in those purchases to find the true cost to your business? There is – and it is one of the services that we offer complimentary to senior living communities.

We offer insights into your business that if you were to hire a consultant could cost you thousands of dollars. It is our goal to help senior living communities find the hidden costs that may not be apparent to you or more likely, you don’t have the time to look yourself or hire a consultant.

The technology available today has opened up an entirely new way to purchase and run your business. Knowledge and data are power. That knowledge and data can effectively open your eyes to new and better ways to make purchases, hire services, improve quality and run a more efficient and profitable community.

It is important to know the cost of not knowing. At PRIME Services it is our goal to put you and your community in the best position to know that you are making the right purchasing decision every time you make a purchase.

Contact us to learn how you can schedule this complimentary service and learn the true cost of your purchasing decisions.

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