Holiday Greetings!

Being Thankful Begets Happiness…

It is the holiday season and we here at PRIME Services are grateful to all our members who deliver exceptional care to the seniors in our lives.

Taking care of seniors is a calling for many. The hearts of caregivers can only be measured in the thankfulness others see in their commitment, sacrifice, and caring for people. It takes a special person to provide the companionship, empathy, and energy it takes to make a difference in someone else’s life.

This past year has been another challenging one in the senior communities around the country. COVID has not let up, staffing shortages are increasing, regulatory burdens continue to pile up, and yet the quality of care we provide to our seniors remains a top priority. How do we keep up our mental wellness when so much around us is making our mission more difficult? The answer is in giving thanks.

If we wake up every day and reflect on the things we are most grateful for, we can stay energized to help others. Here are some things to consider being grateful for:

  • Our Health 
  • Our Family & Friends 
  • Our staff, team, and volunteers
  • Resident Families’ support

To all of you – the caregivers out in our senior communities, it is important for you to know that someone right now is grateful and giving thanks that you are in their lives. For some you may be the only bright spot in their day. For some you are a rock and foundation they can count on every day to be there for them willing to help, hold, and share a smile with. Your commitment brings joy and happiness, so they have something to be grateful for every day.

Thank you for taking care of our seniors. We are grateful you are there, and we hope you remain energized so you can continue to share your gifts with the people that count on you…

Wishing all of you a wonderful holiday season filled with happiness and hope for the future!

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