McCain Foods

Prepared Potato Products & Appetizers

McCain Foods offers prepared potato products and appetizers from top brands that can help keep the menu fresh and surprising:

  • McCain
  • Ore Ida
  • Golden Crisp
  • Anchor
  • Brew City

Available in multiple varieties, like bakeable and low sodium, McCain Foods offers options to meet all your operational needs.

With endless versatility and flexibility, McCain products are a great option to consider for your operation.

Focused on Sustainability

Sustainability is a key initiative at McCain Foods, engrained in their company ethos.

McCain Foods is dedicated to producing delicious and planet-friendly food. That means growing food responsibly, reducing their carbon footprint, providing support to the communities in which they operate, and ensuring a sustainable future for future generations.

Check out their 2020 Sustainability Summary Report to learn more about the multitude of efforts the company is taking to care for its customers and the earth.

PRIME Services is proud to partner with McCain Foods and offer competitive pricing to our members.

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