Purchasing Analytics


Senior Living Operators can tap into our purchasing power through our data analytics technology to negotiate and understand the most effective and cost saving ways to purchase. Based on what is currently being purchased, data analytics provides insights into how to acquire better rebates, bigger deals, and improved quality on current purchases.

Our manufacturer and distributor relationships drive better outcomes for our senior living operators. We help you make sense of what you already know.

Our Features:

$20 Billion In Buying Power

Senior living procurement network, boasting billions in buying power.

The Power of Prime Services

PRIME Services lets you tap into the knowledge and insights that billions of dollars of transactions provide. Insights like consistency of pricing across multiple locations, finding invoice errors, current rebate deals and price comparisons of manufacturer and distributor items, easy to use technology in the purchasing process, and more…

Frequently asked questions:

Our purchasing programs offer a broad range of products and line items with significant cost savings to our members. PRIME Services has agreements with over 300 food and non-food manufacturers with rebates available on over 100,000 items.
Through our custom contracting and audit services, we assist our members in obtaining the best prices available and verify that the correct prices are charged. PRIME Services maintains a current and vast database of products and prices from contract and non-contract suppliers.

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