Senior Living operators are turning to technology for supply chain procurement and better insights into their businesses. At Prime Services, we are committed to providing the Senior Living community with tailor-made technology solutions that unlock actionable data insights to streamline processes and bring transparency to procurement purchasing.

Our Features:

Orderly & InsideTrack

Powerful food cost management and insights into your purchases.

Industry Leading Technology

The PRIME Services difference is found in our creative and ongoing approach to technology. We believe technology should be designed to make our senior living communities more efficient and profitable though effective back of the house practices. Our investment and access to billions in purchasing transactions gives us the unique opportunity to make you more effective in your specific purchasing practices.

Data Management: Data Acquisition, Data Cleaning, Item Matching, Billions of data points.
Food Cost Management: Inventory Management, Recipe Costing, POS Integration, Ordering
Purchasing Services: Operator Portal (Account Management), Rebate Estimator, Food Service Rewards, Matching Platform, price trends and manage food costs in real-time.

We deliver clean structured data and insights into contracts so operators can manage their rebates all in one place.