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What is the biggest pain point you need to solve right now? If you are like the majority of senior living communities it is probably employee related. Staffing, scheduling, training, and retention have been, and continue to be problems that impact our operations. How do we solve these problems?

Another large area of pain is understanding how purchasing practices are impacting the quality of your residence. Are your purchases aligned with the quality of care you provide? Are the meals you’re serving both healthy and enjoyable for residents? Do staff understand the impact that purchases can have on the quality and bottom line of your location? Does the staff utilize and purchase through the negotiated contracts you have in place for specific items?

How is your census? If you are like most senior living communities, COVID has impacted the number of occupied beds in a negative way. Potential resident families are taking more time to evaluate the cleanliness of a residence, looking at procedures more closely, reviewing menus, activities, and a host of other amenities in a more detailed manor. In a word, filling beds is more competitive than ever.

What does this have to do with a GPO? If you are aligned with the right GPO, you have a partner in your operation that can help you determine the best options available to you.

In general GPO’s are often seen by residential communities as a way to get a better price on items they purchase, and that is still true. But when we at PRIME Services look at what we do for our members – it is about providing solutions for our members. We help our members to achieve the future vision they see for their organization. That is; consistent staffing/low turnover, procedures that align with objectives, and quality care/operations that allow for a profitable bottom line.

The senior living communities we serve are complex operations, with multiple departments, that have a mission to serve seniors with the highest level of care. That is a feat worth striving for and achieving. It takes a strong leadership team and the right partners that can help align the components to achieve such a bold vision of success.

PRIME Service’s partnerships are designed to provide our members access to contracts from the best manufacturers, distributors, technology, and services serving our industry – at the right balance of quality and price.

We are committed to the healthcare industry and continually review, develop, and adjust according to the needs of the entire industry. We are disrupting the GPO space with collaborative ideas that work for our members and partners.

Learn more about this new innovative approach and what we mean when we say: GPO Solutions…

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