A Perspective on CEUs

What is the value of Continual Learning? Are you a continual learner?

How do we stay relevant in a world that seems to change so quickly? There is evidence that keeping our minds “exercised” like the way we keep our bodies physically fit, has positive advantages to maintain our long-term brain health. One way to exercise our brain is to challenge ourselves to become continual learners.

In every profession, change is a constant. When change is constant, education and continual learning are a foundation to remaining relevant in our chosen career fields. Can you imagine getting on a plane with a pilot that has not kept up on the latest changes to the aircraft he/she is flying or the latest safety protocols of an emergency landing? If you are like me, I would not get on a plane knowing that the pilot did not believe in keeping up with the changes in the industry.

Getting on a plane is risky, and the expectation is that the pilot of the plane is up to date on the latest technology, but continual learning is important in every industry and profession. What each of us does for our organization is important to the success of our employer, customers, and our individual development. The practice of continuous learning makes us all better at what we do. Our residents, staff, colleagues deserve our best whether we provide clinical services, maintain the building or facility, prepare the meals, or keep the facility clean and healthy. We should be the best at what we do! That happens when we keep up to date through continual learning.

Some industries have formal Continuing Education Credit requirements. Medical professionals, teachers, engineers, realtors, and lawyers to name a few, but why not every role in industry? Because there is no requirement does not mean we should not search out educational opportunities in our field or profession.

We here at PRIME Services continue to try to provide CEU opportunities and have recently partnered with Pineapple Academy to bring CEU’s to the Dietary Professionals we serve. I hope you will check out our information in this newsletter about this new offering.

Continual learning is important, and we will continue to bring valuable information related to the services you provide your residents. If you have specific topics you have an interest in, please let us know. We will do our best to bring you the information you request.

Thank you.

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