Get fresh with 100% juices and juice blends

From kids to millennials to seniors, whether looking for nourishment or hydration, the new Refrasia juice portfolio is the answer. It serves up the flavor, quality and health benefits that customers crave, plus the dispensing format your operation needs.

If you’re looking for sugar-free, reduced calorie or vitamin fortified options, Refrasia is your answer. The expansive Refrasia lineup includes classics and inspired combinations like Apple Mango Peach Papaya and Pomegranate Blueberry blends. The benefits of choosing Refrasia’s products are bottomless.

Beverages are available in a variety of packaging and dispensing options, including:
– Bag-in-Box
– Beverage Gun
– Bottle
– Hand Mix
– Dispensing Cartridge
– Countertop Dispensed

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