Tork Foodservice Wiper

Tork 2 in 1 Foodservice Wiper

Tackle the toughest cleaning tasks in one go with the Tork 2 in 1 Scouring and Cleaning Foodservice Towel.

These new 2 in 1 wipers are an abrasive and absorbent foodservice towel designed for efficient cleaning. These towels break up hard-to-clean messes using the abrasive side, then flip it over to absorb using the soft side.

The new Tork 2 in 1 Scouring and Cleaning Foodservice Towels are rebate-eligible for Dining Alliance members, meaning you can earn Cash Back on every case you purchase for your operation.

Why the Tork 2 in 1 Foodservice Wiper?

Tork knows that when restaurant staff spend too much time cleaning, any product that can make tasks easier makes a big difference.

The Tork 2 in 1 Wiper combines the best of a scouring sponge with the powerful absorbency of your traditional wipers. These new wipers clean the toughest messes in one go without scratching surfaces, meaning your staff can get on with preparing food and serving customers.

Product Benefits:

  • Non-scratch
  • Versatile & convenient with multiple cleaning functions
  • Powerful abrasiveness that can tackle the toughest messes
  • Designed to be abrasive and absorbent at the same time
  • Easy to clean in harder-to-reach places
  • Can be rinsed and reused up to 10 times
  • Suitable for use across kitchen and dining areas
  • NSF and HACCP certified

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