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Smucker’s® Uncrustables® are the perfect ‘anytime’ snack for your residents and their guests. Wholesome, portable, and comforting, these pre-made sandwiches satisfy consumers of all ages and come in a variety of classic, protein-packed flavors.

An On-the-Go Solution

Uncrustables® provide operators like you with an easy-to-stock solution that satisfies this demand and can help drive profit for your business. 

  • Perfect for pantries or breakfast offerings
  • 5-day refrigerated shelf life
  • 9-month frozen shelf life — just thaw and serve
  • Available in new 48-count cases

A Brand Built on Trust

Smucker’s® Uncrustables® are a consumer favorite product from one of the leading brands in retail.

  • Brand recognition your guests know and trust
  • Smucker’s is retail’s #1 brand of PB&J
  • Delicious, familiar tastes guests love
  • Professional grade mayonnaise with higher egg content that resists separation and maintains browning

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