Helping Residents with Dysphagia

The goal of PRIME Services is to help our members better serve their senior communities.

There is nothing more satisfying than being able to bring products and services to you that can help seniors have a better experience through items and recipes that not only focus on safety, but also bring great flavor to the residents you serve.

Dysphagia is a disorder that makes it difficult to swallow. This disorder may impact your ability to get your residents the right amount of calories and fluids they need to remain healthy.

It is a constant struggle to find recipes that meet standards of care, so we are sharing this latest information from Sara Lee Frozen Bakery on IDDSI Texture Modified Diet Recipes.

Dysphagia Recipe Guide from Sara Lee Frozen Bakery

These delicious dessert recipes from Sara Lee Frozen Bakery will bring smiles to your residents and meet the IDDSI framework.

We hope these recipes help you bring a “Sweeter Moment” to your resident’s dietary needs!

We would love to hear your stories or send us some pictures of your resident’s enjoying these wonderful desserts from Sara Lee Frozen Bakery!

We look forward to hearing from you! If there is anything we can help it would be our pleasure.

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