PRIME Services, from its original roots as a purchasing and consulting company in 1983, has grown into one of the largest group purchasing organizations for nursing homes and assisted living communities across the United States.

Today, PRIME Services has three divisions, all focused on removing costs from the supply chain while increasing operational efficiency. The three divisions are; Group Purchasing and Custom Contracting, Consulting and Purchasing Services (CAPS), and a Technology Division


Since 1983, PRIME Services, Inc. has been helping Long-Term Healthcare Facilities, Assisted Living Communities, Hospitals, Surgery Centers, Schools, Correctional Facilities, Hotels and Motels to save money on the goods and services which are purchased every day.

The cornerstone of PRIME is our Group Purchasing Program. On behalf of over 4000 members, we are able to obtain better pricing for products and services than what an individual organization would be able to achieve.

Value Added Services

  • Free Membership: Join PRIME's Group Purchasing Program today without cost or obligation.
  • In-Service Training: To educate the operators staff on how to use PRIME's Group Purchasing Agreements at no charge.
  • Free Cost Saving Analysis: We can evaluate the prices you are paying and make recommendations on ways to reduce costs.
  • Free Software with Commitment: With a commitment to use PRIME's Suppliers that are under agreement, we provide at no charge, software to assist in ordering and inventory control.
  • Free On-Line Ordering Assistance: Assistance at no charge to use our on-line ordering system that provides cost tracking, management reports and more.
  • Customer Assistance: Where you may experience a problem with a supplier that is in PRIME's Portfolio of Agreements, we will intervene on your behalf when requested, to correct and resolve any issues.