Restaurant/Institutional Recipe Analysis

Nutritional Analysis

PRIME Services, Inc. has the capabilities of performing a full nutrition analysis on your recipes. Whether you are a restaurant, hospital, or a long term care facility, we have the experience to provide you a full detailed report on what you are serving your customers. A typical analysis includes calories, carbohydrates, cholesterol, fiber, protein, saturated fat, sodium, sugar, total fat and exchanges.

Federal Regulations

If you are in institution, it is critical that you maintain up-to-date nutritional information on your menus. PRIME Services offers Dietech ( that can be used to help you stay compliant along having instant nutritional feedback that changes to your menu may cause.

Federal Regulations section 483.35(c)(1) entitled Menus and Nutritional Adequacy states that menus must meet nutritional needs of residents in accordance with the recommended dietary allowance of the Food and Nutritional Board of the National Research Council, National Academy of Sciences.