Purchasing Management

The Concept

The concept behind Purchasing Management Services is a simple one. The total cost of using a product has two components; there is the acquisition cost (what the product actually cost) and order processing cost (usage and inventory cost). PRIME is able to reduce total costs while maintaining or improving the quality of the products that you are buying and the services you receive.

To obtain the desired goals, PRIME Services will:

  • Handle all or selected areas of purchasing for dietary, nursing, housekeeping, maintenance, and office supplies.
  • Focus on obtaining the best available unit prices.
  • Work with key facility management to identify and improve inventory management systems.
  • Verify that correct contract prices are charged by supplier.
  • Create an order guide system of the best value products based on the needs of the facility. This guide is reviewed and evaluated on a regular basis.
  • Implement an electronic procurement system.
  • Provide on-going management reports.


  • A complete purchasing system, including policies and procedures.
  • A professional purchasing staff.
  • Access to a vast database of products and prices to assist in lowering costs.
  • Best Value Order Forms that direct staff to the best deals and provide consistency of product between units.
  • Centralized Orders allow for management to have a financial overview of a facilities entire spend at one glance.
  • Management reports that provide detailed information on unit costs, as well as total costs by area, supplier, and time frame.
  • Face to face meetings to discuss savings opportunities uncovered.

The Process

Once a Purchasing Management Check List is completed, it provides PRIME Services with information on how the facility has operated their purchasing process, and PRIME will start to create order forms specific to the facility. Inherent within everything PRIME Services does, is an attempt to get the facility the best price available, which is an ongoing endeavor. Payment terms, order size, as well as delivery requirements do come into play here. Once the order forms are created and suppliers have been decided on, PRIME will begin placing the orders for the facility. Part of PRIME'S responsibility within the Purchasing Management Program is to keep the facility constantly advised on new product offerings or better deals that are available. PRIME Services brings to the facility a wealth of purchasing knowledge and expertise, with the ultimate goal of reducing the facilities expenditures.

We Are Your Staff

PRIME Services, through its Purchasing Management Services, acts as your purchasing coordinator and can handle the purchasing functions for all or select areas of your facility. This outsourced purchasing and materials management function can provide enhanced financial and operational efficiencies through increased product procurement disciplines.