PRIME Manager Purchasing System

PRIME Manager Purchasing System (PS) is a software program designed to help you automate the purchasing function. PS not only offers a procurement and inventory solution, but can provide a complete financial overview of a facility's spending practices. PS was originally designed for the food service department where prices change frequently.


  • Order guides are facility specific.
  • Database of over 30,000 items.
  • Computer generated purchase orders allow you to track and verify that the correct products and prices are being received.
  • The inventory area uses the last price paid to make taking inventories an easy process.
  • PS allows for the review of previously placed orders.
  • Ledger code tracking. Enter your ledger/bookkeeping codes once.

Management Reports

  • Item purchase analysis allows you to look at items purchased by descending dollar value or alphabetically.
  • Item variance report allows you to compare prices paid during different time frames.
  • The ledger code allows you to view detailed or summary reports by ledger code in conjunction with a purchase order number, date, or category.
  • The vendor purchase analysis allows you to view in detail, purchases made with one or more of your suppliers.