Produce Prices Swing with the Seasons - Secure Stable Pricing with a Managed Produce Program

PRIME Services, Inc. is proud to partner with Fresh Concepts. With 30 years of produce experience, Fresh Concepts offers operators the most comprehensive produce program in the industry. Our expertly managed team of field reps are with you every step of the way from produce inspection to the time the product hits the table to ensure your success, and savings!

Our Produce Program Approach

Our Managed Produce Program focuses on ever-changing food safety standards including SQF, GFSI, GAP, and GMP. We hold our growers, shippers and distributors to the highest standards of financial stability, reputability, inventory turnover practices, customer service standards, on-time delivery metrics, and pricing agreements.

100% Dedicated and Built-In Staff

Most Food Service operators do not have a produce expert on staff, or the time to manage pricing for every item on a weekly basis. With us, 100% of our staff is dedicated to direct client support, giving you a team to manage the details of produce procurement.

The Most Comprehensive Produce Program Out

We make it their mission to deliver a comprehensive produce program with higher-quality products, national specifications & optimization, and online dashboards with reporting, all at a lower cost on produce purchases.

Operations that Save with Our Managed Produce Program

"This program has helped us ensure the quality and consistency with Sid Wainers product coming through our back door. It's to know and ensure you have on field reps that come into our business units to ensure that the quality and specification is where it needs to be. With that promise and commitment, it helps bring trust from NHC to Sid Wainer."
Kevin Di Libero
NHC, director of culinary acts
“I spent 20 minutes today with the president, who immediately knew what market I was from just by telling him the produce vendor I use. And with somebody with that magnitude to understand just a little bit more about me gave me a good feeling they are going to be my side and definitely help me to be a better operator a more efficient operator and hopefully to help me grow."
Geoff Stanisic
Owner/operator of Mongolian grille

lock in your produce pricing with a Managed Produce Program

How Does It Work?

In 30+ Years, We've Never Failed to Save a Client Money

Over our 30 year history, we have never failed to save a client money on their produce purchases. It all starts in the field by cultivating genuine relationships with all their grower shipper partners. We visit our partners’ fields, processing facilities and operations regularly to ensure best in class quality and food safety practices are in place.

Our distributor partners span across the country, allowing us to provide quality service for national chains in addition to providing a valuable resource for growing brands.

  • Competitive FOB programs with approved grower-shippers
  • Negotiated freight rates utilizing buying power with each distributor and the clients we represent
  • Fair distributor markups based on produce spend and cases per drop
  • Specification optimization through price, yield, waste, quality and labor analytics
  • A unified ordering platform for produce purchases across distributors.
  • Price Projection support to ensure proper specifications are utilized throughout the year
  • Price Trend Analysis for optimal LTO’s and seasonal promotions
  • Active Order Guide Management to ensure spend is managed properly
  • Invoice Auditing and Price Verification to ensure integrity in our numbers
  • Consolidated Third Party Software Integrations
  • And much more


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